The Journey Of A Christian Reaching For God With The Aid Of Buddha's Teachings

Current Challenge


Previous Challenges

May – This month, I am going to challenge myself, but you are more than welcome to participate, to meditate every day for 30 days straight for at least 10 minutes a session.  Everyday in May, I am going to post a quote from Buddha and/or Jesus in order to help motivate myself and you.  Since I am untrained in meditation, I am going to start by using a guided chakra meditation.  Chakras are not Buddhist, however the idea of focusing on specific body parts to increase meditations are Buddhist in nature.  I am hoping that within time, I will be able to change and learn more about meditation so that I can use other forms of meditation including true Theravada meditation, which is sitting in silence.

April – I challenge everyone to leave for work a little early at least one day this month and pick up the trash from home to work or vice versa. For example: I walk 0.5 miles one way to work.  I am going to take a glove and a grocery bag (reusing) and pick up all the trash one my side of the street instead of doing my usual which is looking at it and saying to myself that I should pick it up.  Another example: One may take the train or their car to work/school.  One could take a glove and grocery bag and pick up the trash from work to the train/car and then from the train/car to home.

Possible Future Challenges

Think Right / Think Positive – 30 Day Challenge to Change Thinking

So, I was thinking to myself recently, “Why am I being so negative toward the people I love? I don’t want to ruin my life by letting my emotions control my behaviors. But, why do I feel the way I feel. Could it have anything to do with thought problems and patterns. If that’s the case, I have no one to blame but myself.” You would think after graduating with a master’s in counseling that I would already know how important thought patterns can be in one’s daily life. I decided that it is time for a challenge. I decided that I am going to take 30 consecutive days to attempt to improve life, relationships, and myself through consciously choosing to change my thinking patterns. But, where should I begin? I decided that there has to be some rules to this challenge.

Come back soon for more details…


Comments on: "Current Challenge" (3)

  1. Edward Kim said:

    Guess what i’m doing on April 22? I’m gonna pick up trash on the street. 😉
    Nice post! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 -Ed

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