The Journey Of A Christian Reaching For God With The Aid Of Buddha's Teachings


Over the past three years, I have been introduced to a new world, the world of Buddhism.  I grew up as a Christian, but something was missing for a very long time.  I always had a strong faith in God, but I just wasn’t happy.  After spending three months in Southeast Asia and visiting a Theravada Buddhist temple, I began reading more about Buddhism.  Over time, I discovered that my happiness does not come from what will happen after I die, but from within myself here on Earth.  Recently, I began meditating to calm my mind and allow the energies of the universe to energize and restore my inter peace as I continue to travel toward the Lord God.  The Buddha and his teachings help to lead my path by offering self-reflection and inter peace, while God aids to lead me to my death and eternal life.

So, I began to look for information on being a Christian and a Buddhist and found that it is more common than I had believed.  However, nothing I read seemed to really be what I was looking for completely.  Remember that Christianity is a religion.  Buddhism is not a religion, but a philosophy, “the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.”(1)  For this reason, practicing Buddhism and Christianity is not impossible.  My religion is Christianity, but I utilize Buddhism as a tool to gain happiness here on Earth.  I decided to document my journey as I discover more about how my Christianity could be enriched through Buddha’s teachings.

My postings will include such things as:

– updates on my journey

– information on Theravada Buddhism and other schools of Buddhism (See Teachings of Theravada Buddhism and in postings as some information may be in them as well)

– some of my techniques in meditation, rituals, etc.

– things l have learned from my meditations

– links and videos to aid in education and meditation (See Resources)

– personal challenges and challenges that I give you (See Current Challenge and postings tagged Challenge)

– and many more….

I am very excited to go on this journey with all of you.  Please feel free to add comments, questions, or anything that aids in positivity and encouragement.  I welcome criticism as well only if it is done so in a positive way and not to accuse or argue.  It would also be great to hear about your journey through Buddhism and/or Christianity.  You can leave your story in the comments or email me and I will anonymously add your story.
May God bless you and the Buddha’s teachings guide you throughout your life…




(2) – borrowed from


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  1. rougebuddha said:

    Thanks, for the FOLLOW – here’s one back at you.

  2. You might like to check out books by Robert Kennedy, a Catholic priest who is also a Zen master (Note that this is Amazon’s Canadian site:
    ~ Paul

    • Thanks for the suggestion… I have looked into a little information about Zen Buddhism, but my focus is on Theravada Buddhism as I agree more with the traditional views of Buddhism… Thanks again for the suggestion… I will look into him…

  3. Wishing you the very best in the journey of Absolute Truth! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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