The Journey Of A Christian Reaching For God With The Aid Of Buddha's Teachings

Maybe I should back up and explain a little more about what is Christianity and what is Theravada Buddhism.  As with any religion, these religions are far more complex than any one person could type in a blog posting.  With differences in each persons belief, it would be impossible to use any one video to explain everything about Christianity and Buddhism.  I am going to offer two videos: one about What is Christian? and one about What is Theravada Buddhism?  Both of these videos are just a brief overview of the two religions, but they should be helpful in understand a piece of each religion.  Please take a look at the videos and post any questions you may have about the religions.  I look forward to explaining my stands on Christian-Buddhism.

Click on the words to go to the YouTube video

What is Christianity?

A visual explanation by “What is” Media about Jesus, God and Religion.

What is Theravada Buddhism?

As explained by a Theravada Monk.

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